Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tis A Mouse In The Thread Drawer?

Baking was the first thing in order for my morning as I'm sending off a care package for my sick and weary son in Portland. Between cookie batches I decided to pull out a drawer from the (new to me) sewing table I purchased from an Estate Sale last weekend. The drawer was filled with vintage wooden spools all well used and I couldn't wait to dig in and check out the goodies in my newest stash. I began to pull things out when the timer went off to the oven. I had to delay my dig so I could pull out the cookies. As I turned around I heard a sound coming from the drawer and I stopped dead in my tracks. I am not proud to say crawling rodents are NOT my favs. I have a tendency to freak way out...further out than I want to admit. I gathered my "cookies" and approached the drawer...nothing...not a sound. I walked away on purpose and there the sound went. SOMETHING was moving in the drawer. I went to the right of the drawer...not looking at it...there the sound was. I went to the left of it...again, the sound. Frantic, I jumped up and down as to detect if it were the uneven surface of my vintage cabinets...nothing. I looked like a fool but...nothing. Over to my cookie sheets to scoop more dough onto and then into the oven. Back to the "mouse drawer" I went. When all of a sudden I tripped on something which sent me into the cabinet. I looked down to see that my UGG boots were encased in thread...Unknowingly I had wrapped myself up in thread from a spool inside the drawer! It must have been from all the going around in circles foolishness! I then broke through the thread with one leg and out popped the "thread mouse" from the drawer which was a wooden spool of blue thread...yes the size of a small mouse which made me jump and scream out loud! Then it made me scream with laughter...
I was so blessed to pick up the small sewing table at an incredible Estate sale for dirt dog cheap. The only thing in the room that was under priced. Asking about it the ladies doing the sale said the sewing machine doesn't work so they priced it to MOVE...Lucky me..I didn't need the machine as I will place my machine on top. (Note to self: Give back Chris's machine she loaned me) Another has storage drawers..something I really needed...plenty of room for all my "mouse" thread spools!

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karen said...

Very funny, Colleen! I could just imagine the whole thing as you wrote it. I would have probably reacted the same way. How long did it take you to quit laughing anyway? Karen P

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